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What To Do If A Pipe Bursts – Expert Plumbing Advice

Burst pipes can be a very frightening experience for homeowners. If you have burst pipes in your home, check for warning signs and take necessary precautions. Signs such as –

  • Water has been pouring out of the pipes for a while
  • Pipes are leaking from a crack or pinhole in the wall
  • There is an unusual smell in the air near the water heater or cooler

In many cases, you may have to call a professional plumber to your home in Penrith. In others, you can fix the bursting of pipes issues on your own, given that you have the correct information and are aware of certain things. So, what are these things that we’re talking about? Let’s explore them in detail!

Steps to Take if you Have a Burst Pipe:

1. Turn Off the Water: The first step in responding to a burst pipe is turning off the water supply at the main shutoff valve outside your home or business. If it is impossible to turn off the water at that location, shut down all your utilities at an alternate location before attempting any repairs and call for help if needed.

2. Do A Check: Next step you’ve to take is to do a DIY check to see if you have a burst water pipe. If the line is not visible, it is most likely on the ground level or under the ground. You can start by turning on your kitchen sink faucet and letting out enough water to see if any water spouts appear in other areas around your house or business.

3. Try Locating the Burst Water Pipe: After doing your DIY check, it is time to locate the burst water pipe. For a burst pipe on the ground level, start by getting a garden hose and wetting the ground around your house or business in all directions. Once this area has been saturated, look for a small pool of water with no dirt buildup on top of it.

4. Attempt Pipe Repair – if you have located the leak: After you’ve found the burst water pipe, attempt to fix it. You will need a bucket and plunger for broken or exposed lines. Place the bucket on top of the hole and fill it with water to submerge below the ground level to keep any dirt from falling into your home or business. Next, place the plunger over your hand like you would use to squish ketchup if you are making french fries at home. Leave enough room for air near your hand, so the air is forced into the pipe when you insert your hand into the hole and push down on that plunger.

If you are successful, the gurgle of running water will stop and be filled with air. If not, then you probably need to try a different idea or look for another leak (which could be severe). In such cases, you should call a plumber to your home or business in Penrith. They will be able to detect a leak and repair it on time.

Call us if you are looking for a reliable, fully licensed plumber near Penrith. We’ll be happy to help you out!